We are all traveling a personal path.

No two journeys are the same. 

I am honored to walk the path of healing with you.


I have been intuitively open and receptive my whole life. My earliest childhood memories include sensing, seeing and knowing things that those around me did not. Like many other intuitive people, I spent most of my childhood trying to ignore this part of myself because it did not fit with my understanding of the world as it was explained to me. It was confusing. I didn't have the tools to utilize it or the language to explain it. It often left me feeling like a puzzle piece that didn't fit.

Years passed and the intuitive information continued to flow. In fact, it simply got louder and stronger. As a grown woman and mother of three, I finally surrendered to accept this part of myself, and began the earnest journey of learning about my intuitive abilities. That journey completely opened up my life. I learned the language to understand my gifts and honed the skills to use them in service to others.

I awakened to my purpose. I am here to help you connect to yours. I feel honored and blessed to use my abilities to assist you on your unique journey - whether that means helping you feel balance and support during difficult times, helping you connect to your purpose and your passion, or helping you find clarity in your decision making.

I am honored to sharing my healing practice with you.  

I am blessed to have studied with many great teachers, mentors, intuitives and healers over the years. I am a Level Three Healing Touch Practitioner;  I studied with the wonderful healers and instructors affiliated with the Healing Beyond Borders program at St. Catherine University.

I am privileged to have learned from Cyndi Dale, a highly gifted and respected intuitive healer and expert on the subtle energy and complete chakra system. Through the Integrative Health Center at Normandale College, I completed her Energy Medicine Certification and Advanced Practitioner Series.

I journeyed the medicine wheel with Lee Hilfiker, a Shamanic Practitioner of more than 40 years and an International teacher of indigenous healings. Lee mentored me and shared the practices and teachings of the various healers she has studied and worked with in North America, South America, and beyond. I am honored to be an Initiated Mesa Carrier in the lineage of the Peruvian, Q'ero Shamanic Traditions.

I studied with Suzanne Krupp, an extremely talented and respected professional psychic and medium. She shared her wisdom with me, taught me to trust my intuitive process, to root deeply in my practice and encouraged me to fly.