Read what clients share about their experiences.

My healing session was deeply and profoundly touching and transformational. Dana's gift of clear sight and compassionate honesty are among the most profound I have encountered. I am taking so much away from the session, including a new sensation of balance between the sides of my being, a kind of ease with this process and where I am in it, and confidence that the support I need and yearn for is there.

I am humbled and grateful. 

-Client, Minneapolis

My experience has been one of restoration, introspection and inspiration. It has given me the inner resources and confidence to move into my life with renewed enthusiasm, valuable insights, as well as a sense of peace, calm and rejuvenation. Dana has a special gift that cannot be described, but really needs to be experienced.

-Client, Minneapolis

I visited Dana on a recommendation from a family member. I had been diagnosed with cancer and was facing a long and delicate surgery. I had no expectations for the session, but thought it can only help, so I went with an open mind. Dana walked me through the process and made me feel comfortable with what to expect. After our first session, she completely removed my anxiety and apprehension for my surgery. I experienced a feeling of calm going into my surgery and have no doubt in her ability to heal. I continue my visits and highly recommend her gifts for healing.

-Client, Minneapolis

Over the course of many years, I have received countless calls from people wanting me to mentor them and I have never felt as though any of them were gifted enough to take on...until Dana. I immediately got a message from my guides that this woman is extremely gifted and, as always, they were right. Not only is Dana a gifted healer, but she is kind, humble, smart, and beautiful on the inside and out.
The healing she has done for me is truly the most powerful I've ever had. 
I highly recommend Dana as a gifted healer and intuitive.

-Suzanne Krupp (Professional Psychic/Medium)

When I went in for my session with Dana, I was feeling worried and stressed out - emotionally and physically.

I left feeling calm, centered and happy.

I can't wait for my next session!

-Client, Edina

After working with Dana, I feel connected to myself on a higher level.

The work has led me down a path of self discovery and the experience has given me better insight into myself.

Before my initial session, I was unsure of what to expect, but I was immediately relaxed and comfortable when I entered her beautifully serene studio. Dana did a great job explaining and walking me through the process. During my sessions, I felt an amazingly strong mind and body connection. I was surprised by the physical sensations of warmth that I felt as she worked on different areas of my body. Dana had great insights and connections to my spiritual side. At the end of my sessions, I felt both physically and emotionally well balanced and re-charged.

It was a life altering experience.

I highly recommend her work and look forward to future sessions.

-Client, Minneapolis

Dana is amazing. I always leave her studio with a feeling of wellbeing and peace. I schedule sessions to help me with healing various aches and pains, but most importantly to center myself and learn how to be more aware of what my body and soul is telling me. She helped me and my husband through a tremendously difficult time of dealing with cancer and it healed us both physically and emotionally.

I highly recommend her to heal your body, mind and spirit!

-Client, Minneapolis

My session with Dana was delightful. After she helped me clear out some very old issues, I was filled with a sense of peace and actual light. 

Three weeks after my session, I continue to feel energized and optimistic. 

She is very gifted and I can not really express what a difference her work is making on me. I am very grateful. 

-Client, Seattle

My session with Dana was the greatest gift I've given myself.

It was a mind, body and heart experience like no other that left me overcome with peace, gratitude, and a desire to live life to the fullest.

-Client, Minneapolis

I was in the midst of a painful divorce, struggling to raise children on my own, suffering from chronic pain in my neck when I began my sessions with Dana. Each and every one has been positive and beneficial. Each session has been a different experience, depending on my life circumstances and my emotional state. I have left every session with a tremendous sense of peace and total mind/body relaxation. I leave feeling as if my burdens have been lifted or are lighter and I feel that my body's energy is able to flow through me like it is no longer "stuck" in any particular place preventing me from moving forward or coping with everyday life.  

Some words I would use to describe a session are: meditative, deep, powerful, therapeutic, beautiful, cathartic, peaceful, and serene. 

It has also given me an awareness and new perspective of how my body and mind operate and how the flow (or stagnation) of my personal energy affects everything in my life and how important it is to keep that energy positive and flowing. 

-Client, Minnetonka

I've had many sessions with Dana - each one soothing and relaxing. 
I have had sessions for pain management and relaxation and I meet with her frequently to keep myself balanced.
During my sessions, I have had the great honor of receiving specific messages from my father who has passed. 

Dana's healing work is powerful and life changing. Gifted does not begin to describe her. 

-Client, Minnetonka

I was recommended to Dana by a friend. I was going through some major life transitions and felt out of sorts and emotionally scattered. At the initial session, Dana really took the time to listen to my issues. She was patient, empathetic, and had valuable insights. The energy session was a new experience for me yet I felt the effects immediately after. Each subsequent session has built upon the last. 

Dana is an amazing healer and individual. I truly value my sessions with her and I highly recommend her. 

-Client, St. Louis Park

Dana’s work with our family has been transformational, healing, and sacred. We each visited her in the midst of various struggles–intense academic stress, situational depression, difficult life transitions...and in just one session each, we all experienced gentle, profound healing that continues to enrich our lives with a sense of peace, purpose–and joyful potential. (My second session was simply a beautiful validation of this progress, like having a good annual check-up.)

Having experienced Dana’s light and love, we believe her healing gifts are blessings that help us reclaim our highest, best selves - so that we, too, might be blessings for our world.

If you are suffering in any way, wish to feel rebalanced, or if you’re just in need of deep relaxation, we cannot recommend Dana highly enough.

- Client, Excelsior