Intuitive Energy Healing is a nurturing energy therapy that assists the body in its natural ability to heal.


what is energy healing?

Energy healing is a nurturing healing therapy that stimulates and clears the physical and subtle energy flow around the body creating balance, harmony and wholeness. We are constantly evolving with, adapting to, and dealing with a myriad of life experiences. Along the way, these experiences can create blocks or areas of congestion in our natural energy flow.

When our personal energy field is not flowing freely, we may feel stuck, overwhelmed, unbalanced or simply "off". We may experience problems in our personal and professional relationships. We may have a difficult time coping with the day-to-day stresses of our life and environment. We may feel as though we have lost touch with our deeper sense of self and purpose. We may engage in risky or unhealthy behaviors as a form of coping and escape.

Over time, these areas of congestion worsen, creating the potential for illness and disease within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

Energy healing is a gentle, supportive therapy that helps brings your personal energy field back into its natural, open and flowing state. Energy healing brings your mind, body and spirit into alignment.  

what are the benefits?

Energy healing is an individualized treatment. Your energetic state and your personal healing needs are as unique as you are and I honor and respect that in a healing session. Together we develop a plan to address your needs.

Clients report feeling deeply relaxed, supported and balanced after a healing session. A renewed sense of purpose, clarity and vitality are common experiences. Words like lighter, peaceful, grounded, open, energized and refreshed are often used.

Many clients with physical concerns feel a release or reduction in symptoms for days or weeks following a session. Energy healing is wonderful complementary therapy for traditional medical treatment of illness and disease.

The benefits are unique to you. It's your healing journey. 

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Like the moon,
come out from behind
the clouds! And Shine!
— Buddha

What is a session like?

  • We discuss your individual needs and goals as well as any specific issues or concerns you would like addressed in your session.

  • You relax, fully clothed, lying on a therapy table. Using light contact touch, I work through your subtle energy system to assess, clear and balance your energy field in a way that is best for you.

  • Post session, we will briefly discuss your experience and address any questions you may have. We may also develop a plan for future sessions and/or how you can support the work at home.

  • During a session, I encourage you to close your eyes and relax. Allow the opportunity for you to connect with your inner wisdom and intuition.

  • Intuitively speaking, I may perceive information that pertains to your overall well being, current life situation, past pain or injuries, relationships, etc. I share that information with you freely in our post session discussion.

  • All intuitive information is received with a heart-centered intention to support and empower you on your personal journey.

Your comfort and privacy are valued, honored and respected. 

My healing studio is located in Deephaven, Minnesota.